The Council Bluffs Community came together to revitalize and expand the Dream Playground.

We expanded the playground with the dreams of today’s children providing accessibility to children of all ages and abilities. In addition, the Dream Playground Re-Imagined project has also preserved the dream of the children from 25 years ago by restoring some key elements of the current playground structure.

The Plan

Almost 1,800 children from the Council Bluffs area submitted a drawing for the Dream Playground Re-Imagined Project. Designers from Play-By-Design reviewed all the drawings and created the final design for the project, which was revealed to the public on April 12, 2017.



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Aerial photo of Dream Playground prior to demolition and reconstruction.



Phase I of construction for the Dream Playground Re-Imagined Project began July 13, 2018. The site was prepared beforehand. Here is video of the site one day prior to the start of Phase I.



Phase I of construction took place July 13-15, 2018. Support posts and other vital elements to the project were set to get construction off to a great start.



Phase II of construction for the Dream Playground Re-Imagined Project took place July 24-29, 2018. An amazing amount of progress was made with the help of many volunteers.






Working together to design and construct our own volunteer-built playground will be a project that changes our community forever. See the many ways you can donate to Dream Playground Re-Imagined.

Dream Playground Thermometer

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Become a permanent part of the Dream Playground Re-Imagined project by sponsoring an individual piece of equipment. Donations of $1,000 or more will be recognized on a Donor Wall located at the main entrance to the playground.

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Picket Fence

Support the Dream Playground Re-Imagined project by sponsoring a picket fence for only $100. Each sponsorship includes an engraved name up to 22 characters (includes spaces). Please see the order form for details. Please submit your order and payment by 7/6 to have your picket up at grand opening!

Picket Fence Form



Help make this playground a reality by lending the tools necessary to complete such a great community project. Many items can be obtained locally. Please click the link below to view the items available to purchase online or at any local Menards.

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Help make this playground a reality by lending us the tools necessary to complete such a great community project. Your tools will be inventoried and only allowed to be used as they are checked out from a program manager. Click below to see the specific items we hope to use.

 Requested Tools List


The Dream Playground Reimagined work effort will involve roughly including a site preparation phase and a construction phase. As with the original Dream Playground, we need to support our hard-working legions of volunteers with meals to fuel their labor.

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The Dream Playground Re-Imagined project will require the assistance of over 1,700 community members to complete the build. Volunteers with a variety of skills and abilities will be needed including construction, volunteer registration, food service, material handling, and more. During the 6 days of the playground construction, volunteers will be needed for 3 shifts daily: 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm, and 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

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The Event

Phase I begins on July 13-15, 2018, Phase II is from July 24-29, 2018, and Phase III is from September 4-8, 2018. View the event schedule to see the breakdown of each phase and the daily schedules for volunteers.

Grand Opening October 28, 2018 at 3pm.

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Project History

In October 1992 the Iowa DNR asked the Council Bluffs Jaycees to spearhead an effort to build a playground on land within Lake Manawa State Park. In March 1993 a design architect visited students at local schools, and sketched a design based on their ideas. The “Dream Playground” became reality with help of more than 1,700 volunteers in just 5 days from August 25-29, 1993.

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