The Dream Playground Reimagined work effort will involve roughly including a site preparation phase and a construction phase. As with the original Dream Playground, we need to support our hard-working legions of volunteers with meals to fuel their labor.

Donate Food

Light snacks at breakfast and full lunches and dinners are planned between shifts. Drinks will be important throughout the day. We are asking for generous donations from all over the community whether it be cash contribution, cups, plates, utensils, napkins, snacks, drinks, meals, or even a hog roast for the final celebration. Donations from individuals and organizations exceeding $500 in value will receive additional special recognition in traditional and social media promoting the project.

For the Dream Playground Re-Imagined work effort, we’re hoping to feed the roughly 1,000 dedicated and hard working volunteers with three meals a day.  Accordingly, we’re asking for your generous support and donations to keep our volunteers fueled for work.  Donations can include anything that will support volunteer meals including cups, plates, utensils, napkins, snacks, drinks, meals, or even a hog roast for the final celebration. Cash donations are also accepted and should be directed to Barry Cleaveland at

We’re hoping to start the morning off right with a continental-style breakfast that volunteers can grab-and-go without missing a beat.  For lunch and supper, we’re hoping to provide a main course, at least two side dishes, and desserts. We’re asking that donors provide food for volunteers in groups of ten (10) and we’re encouraging that minimum donations feed at least ten volunteers.  Accordingly, each available sign-up slot will cover food for 10 volunteers.  For example, if you fill one sign-up slot for a main course, you will be expected to provide a main course item for 10 volunteers. If you fill two sign-up slots for a main course, you will be expected to bring a main course item for 20 volunteers. 

All food donations should come fully prepared and we ask that all foods not be undercooked (e.g. all donated hamburgers should be cooked to a “well done” temperature of 160ºF).  Recyclable or throw-away containers are required. When considering what would be appropriate to bring, please keep in mind that the project will occur outdoors in mid- and late-July and that certain foods will not keep as well as others.

Thank you!